1. Validity and applicability of TOU

These General Terms and Conditions ("T&C") of the company Destination Travel Transporter d.o.o. Belgrade ("Company" or "DTT") applies to the rights and obligations of the Company, as a provider of limo services, and the rights and obligations of its clients, as users of the services, within the framework of the applicable legislation.

Limo service is performed on the basis of a contract, concluded in written or electronic form, by renting the passenger vehicle as a whole. The purpose, goal, and duration of the transportation are determined by the user of the transportation and all passengers agree with the destination and during the trip, i.e. the type of service.

GTC is an integral part of each individual contract that DTT concludes with an individual client for the purpose of providing limo service services. By signing this contract and using the service provided by DTT, the client (individual or legal entity) agrees to abide by these TOU.

Any deviation from these GTC will have legal effect only and exclusively if such deviation is expressly agreed upon in writing between the Company and an individual client.


2. Conclusion of the Agreement on the Provision of limo services

The contract for the provision of limo service is concluded in writing, before the start of the provision of limo service services, based on the client's request, which is then officially accepted by DTT.

2.1. Submitting a request

The client's request can be sent by phone, email, or any other form of direct communication.

When making a request, you must provide us with all the details, especially the following:

It is necessary to choose the desired type of vehicle. Please note that all children (regardless of age) are counted as passengers and must have a separate seat in the vehicle. The price of services does not depend on the number of passengers.

It is necessary to enter information about the trip: pick-up time (in local time of the country where the trip is taking place), address, flight number (if applicable) as well as your contact information. The client is responsible for the accuracy of all travel details and his contact information. DTT does not undertake to check the data, documentation, or information received by the client.

In the event that DTT is unable to provide limo service services due to incorrect information provided by the client, DTT will not be obliged to return to the client the amount of the contracted price for the requested limo service services.

Please keep in mind that you can submit the request no later than 48 hours before the provision of the requested limo service should begin so that we can timely agree on all travel conditions and conclude a contract on the provision of limo service services.

After receiving your request for the realization of the desired trip, we will contact you via email or phone after the manual processing of the request in order to send you an offer for the provision of limo services. Only if you accept our offer for the provision of limo services, DTT will make the reservation of the desired services, of which you will receive a written confirmation.


2.2. Changes to reservations

In case of any changes to the reservation, it is necessary to inform us about them in a timely manner, and at the latest 24 hours before the provision of the requested services of limo service should begin.

Please note that certain changes to the reservation (e.g. change of vehicle size, change of destination, additional requirements) may lead to an increase in the price of the requested limo service.

That is why it is necessary for us to officially approve the requested changes to the reservation, and you can consider that the change to the reservation has been successfully made only if you receive a written confirmation from us.


2.3. Cancellation of the reservation by the client

In case you want to cancel your reservation, you are obliged to inform us about it in a timely manner, and no later than 24 hours before the provision of the requested services of limo service should begin.

In case of timely cancellation in accordance with these TOU, if you have paid for the requested services in advance, we will refund the amount paid.

However, for untimely cancellation of the reservation in a period of fewer than 24 hours or in case of a no-show before the start of the transfer, the client is obliged to reimburse DTT the amount of 50% of the agreed price of the limo service that should have been provided. Otherwise, we will be forced to initiate legal proceedings against you in order to exercise our right to compensation for damages, in which case you will be obliged to compensate DTT for all damages that occurred as a result of the untimely cancellation of the reservation on your part.


2.4. Cancellation of the reservation by DTT

In rare cases, we may have to cancel your reservation due to unforeseen circumstances.

In those cases, we will notify you of the cancellation as soon as possible and make a full refund for the services that were not provided if you paid for the reserved services in advance.

For the avoidance of doubt, a cancellation is not a refusal of a booking but a cancellation of an existing travel booking which we have previously confirmed to you.


3. Price of limo service

The price of the requested Services is always agreed upon in relation to the entire vehicle (regardless of the number of passengers), - we do not charge each passenger separately.

Please keep in mind that the price of the services is calculated based on the unit of time (hour or day), and the duration of the transportation cannot be shorter than three hours.


The following is included in the fixed, pre-agreed price:

  • rental of a vehicle with a driver for your trip;
  • fuel and tolls;
  • parking and waiting at the airport for up to an hour from the moment your plane lands;
  • waiting up to 15 minutes at the departure address;
  • baggage that can fit in the trunk of the ordered vehicle and that does not contradict the conditions of these General Terms and Conditions;
  • a shorter coffee break in case of long journeys;
  • entrance fee for vehicles in national parks;
  • waiting at the border for up to 1 hour in case of international transfers;
  • insurance of all passengers.


The price does not include the following:

  • additional transit addresses that were not pre-arranged;
  • additional waiting that was not prearranged;
  • a destination that is further than agreed;
  • a delay of more than 15 minutes at the departure address (except the airport);
  • waiting at the border for more than an hour;
  • waiting at the airport for over an hour from the moment your plane lands;
  • return that was not prearranged;
  • an additional kilometer of driving;
  • an additional hour of waiting.

If, during the provision of services, it happens that the elements of the transfer differ from those initially agreed upon, please keep in mind that you will be charged for additional services.


4. Methods of paying 

If you pay in cash or with a payment card, you can make the payment at the start or end of the transport. In the event that it is necessary for the driver to wait for you at a certain location, you are obliged to pay 50% of the contracted price for the requested services as an advance before starting the trip.

Exceptionally, for transfers abroad, payment by card must be made in any case before crossing the border due to the POS terminal roaming.

If the card payment is not successful for any reason, the client is obliged to pay for the ride in cash. In such cases, the driver can stop in front of a nearby ATM for the customer to withdraw money to pay for the ride.

If you are paying through a business account, the payment must be made before starting the provision of limo service services, for which you must provide us with the written proof before starting the provision of reserved limo service services. A PDF bank receipt or a photo of the same is sufficient as proof of payment.

If your transfer differs from the agreed one in terms of route, starting location, destination, stopovers or waiting, or other circumstances that result in an increase in the amount of the agreed price for the requested limo service, you agree to an additional charge according to the valid DTT price list.

The currency of payment is the dinar (RSD). Any amount contracted in a foreign currency will be expressed in the dinar equivalent at the time of calculation at the official middle exchange rate of the National Bank of Serbia valid on the day of payment.


5. Meeting with the driver

The driver is with the client at the pick-up location at the agreed-upon time. We inform you about the driver's information in a timely manner, and the driver is obliged to be available by phone 1 hour before the ride.

The driver will hold a sign with the client's name if it is a transfer from the airport.

The driver will wait for the client for 1 hour if the meeting point is the airport, or 15 minutes if the meeting point is another location (which does not include the airport). If the client and the driver do not meet within this time frame, we will consider the reservation canceled and request a refund from the client.

The driver is obliged to contact the client when he arrives at the departure location unless it is an airport.

If, for any reason, the driver cannot wait for the client on time, he must inform the client in a timely manner.

The client is obliged to wait for the driver at the agreed location and at the agreed time, except at the airport where the departure time depends on the accuracy of the plane's landing and airport control.

If there are any changes to the flight, please inform us in time. We certainly monitor the flights of our clients that are waiting at the airport, but the flight data is not always available.

If the driver does not appear at the agreed location at the specified time and if he does not answer the call within 10 minutes, the transfer will be considered canceled. In this case, in order to receive a refund, the client must prove that he waited for the driver at the agreed time and place.

We suggest that you try to contact the driver first if you have difficulty finding him or if you want to check if he has arrived or when he will arrive at the departure location. Please note that our office is not open for 0-24 hours.


6. Obligations of our drivers

Your safety is our number one priority, so your safe and pleasant ride is the primary responsibility of our drivers. In particular, this includes unobtrusiveness while driving, agreement on the choice of routes, music, and temperature in the car according to the client's wishes, and the correctness and orderliness of the vehicle used for your drive.

The drivers are obliged to wait for you at the agreed time at the agreed place, while they are available for you to call and send messages at least 1 hour before the agreed time to start the transport.

Drivers are not allowed to consume cigarettes or other tobacco products, nor to use mobile phones for private purposes while driving.

It is important to us that you are satisfied with the quality of the services we provide, so please inform us immediately of any objections you may have to the behavior of our drivers regarding non-compliance with the provisions of these TOU.


7. Obligations of our clients

By signing the contract for the provision of limo services, of which these GTC are an integral part, you confirm that you are familiar with their content. Therefore, please familiarize yourself with the contents of these GTC in detail before starting the arranged ride, in order to avoid any inconvenience.


Please observe the following rules in particular:

- you may not consume any food in the vehicle without the prior permission of the driver;

- cigarettes are strictly prohibited in our vehicles;

- you must wear a seat belt while driving;

- if you are not appropriately dressed (for example, if you are shirtless or in a bathing suit) or if you are visibly intoxicated or under the influence of intoxicants, our driver is obliged to refuse the ride;

- do not keep your feet on the seats or other parts of the vehicle interior that are not intended for that;

- take care of your valuables because DTT is not responsible for things you lose while driving;

- comply with the rules regarding baggage, contained in this T&C.


Children under the age of 18 cannot use limo services without the supervision of a parent or legal guardian. When contracting the service, the client is obliged to inform DTT about the existence of passengers who are under 18 years of age and to provide information on the age of each minor passenger. The client is responsible for fulfilling the passenger's obligation to obtain all necessary documents and documentation necessary for persons accompanying minors and fully releases DTT from responsibility for the existence of all necessary documentation.

In the event that the behavior of any passenger in the vehicle is contrary to the provisions of these GTC or if any of the passengers by their actions or omissions endanger the vehicle or the persons and property on it or obstructs the driver in the performance of their duties or if any of the passengers do not comply with reasonable instructions of the driver, which refer to violations of the rules of conduct defined by these General Terms and Conditions, the driver is authorized to take all and any measures he deems necessary to stop such behavior, including stopping the provision of services and requiring the passenger to leave the vehicle or denying him the right to returned to the vehicle and refused further transportation.

In this case, the moment the passenger leaves the vehicle and returns personal belongings and luggage to the passenger, the service will be considered to have been performed in full, without the right of the client to request a refund of any amount paid.


8. Luggage

The client has the right to free transportation of a certain amount of luggage, according to the conditions and restrictions that he can get from DTT. DTT reserves the right to refuse carriage of baggage if:

- there is not enough space for adequate and safe storage in the vehicle;

- there is a suspicion that objects are being transported in the luggage that may endanger the safety of participating in traffic (self-igniting and explosive devices);

- represents illegal goods (narcotics, antiques, materials prohibited by law);

- the weight of the luggage exceeds the maximum permissible load of the vehicle;

- it cannot be properly and safely placed in the intended space due to its nature and size;


Firearms and ammunition, except those used for hunting and sports, should not be transported as baggage. Hunting and sporting weapons and ammunition can only be accepted as checked baggage. The weapon must be unloaded, cocked, and packed.

Luggage and other valuable items cannot be left in the vehicle. DTT bears no responsibility for these items even in cases where the service user leaves the vehicle for a short period of time. This provision also applies to any confidential documentation, devices for storing electronic information, and part of hand luggage, the disappearance of which would cause business damage to the user or his company.

Forgotten or lost luggage, or other personal belongings of the client, DTT is obliged to keep them for three weeks after the completion of the service. The GTC does not foresee the obligation of DTT to contact the client in any other way, except for the contact through which the service was ordered. After three weeks, in accordance with the law, DTT will deliver the luggage to the Lost and Found Bureau and its full responsibility thus passes to this institution. DTT will hand over the lost baggage to the owner in the condition it was found, only if that person provides convincing evidence of his right to claim the baggage.


9. Transport of pets

DTT does not accept pets. We love animals, but we try to maintain the maximum hygiene of the vehicle, so we do not allow the transport of pets.


10. Governing Law and Dispute Resolution

The governing law for the interpretation and application of these TOU is the law of the Republic of Serbia.

All disputes between DTT and an individual user that arise in connection with the provision of Services and cannot be resolved amicably, i.e. by agreement of the parties, will be finally resolved by the competent court in Belgrade.


We invite all clients in the spirit of good business cooperation to resolve disputes peacefully, through institutional mediation with mutual understanding.


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