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Kopaonik inevitably represents one of the favorite tourist destinations in Serbia. Also known as the Silver Mountain, Kopanik is the largest mountain massif in southern Serbia.


One part of Silver Mountain, i.e. Kopanik, is protected and represents the Kopaonik National Park. At the same place, there is also the largest ski resort in our country, which attracts both local and foreign tourists.


In addition to the name Silver Mountain, Kopaonik got another name - Sunny Mountain, precisely because of its 200 sunny days a year. The undisputed dynamism of Kopaonik is also extremely attractive, and from it, it is possible to see the peaks of some other mountains in Serbia, such as Šar Planina and Stara Planina.


Another very important reason why tourists come to Kopaonik is the spas and spa centers, such as Vrnjačka, Mataruška, Kuršumlijska, Jošanička, Lukovska, and Sijarinjska spas.


Cultural and historical monuments that you must visit on Kopaonik


On Kopaonik, as well as in its immediate surroundings, there are many cultural and historical monuments that tourists like to visit. Some of the most important ones we would like to point out are:

• Churches - remains of a medieval monastery, located at the foot of Pančić Peak.

• Kukavica - remains of a medieval road.

• Gvozdac - remains of a medieval mine.

• The Metodje Sanctuary, the Church of Saints Peter and Paul - Kriva Reka.

• Jošanička spa - Turkish bath.

• Various monuments from the liberation wars, such as the Đačko grave monument, Raskrsnice (the Crossroads), the monument on Mramor, and the monument to the victims of fascism (Kriva Reka).

• Pančić Mausoleum.

• Villages and country houses - Đorđevići, Crna Glava, Lisina, and Kriva Reka.

• Watermills, mountains: Gobeljska River, Brzeće.


It is not difficult to conclude why Kopaonik is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Serbia and wider - it really has something to offer everyone, and it can satisfy everyone's interests.

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